System @ Kansara

Adherence to a well-documented system is necessary in order to ensure consistent quality and progress. We, at Kansara, take our systems seriously and it shows in our efforts as follows

India's first ISO certified bearing component manufacturer

Testament to our commitment to systems is the fact that we were India's first ISO certified bearing component manufacturer.

Dedicated systems manager and rigorous internal audits

We not only follow our systems rigorously but make an equal effort to revise and update them if necessary. We do this by having a dedicated systems manager who is the directly responsible person to ensure that all systems are well-documented, updated and are adhered to throughout the company. The systems are also regularly cross-verified with internal audits.

Human-friendly system and control guidelines

We also apply several measures to make adherence to systems easy from the human point of view. This can be seen in the excellent visual control guidelines given for several of our processes and materials. The easier to follow a system, the better the compliance.