Management & Facilities

The Kansara group is a closely held organization with values and people as its pillars. The organization believes in respecting human dignity above pay and promotion. This belief has lead not only to a freedom of expression but a consensus style of management operated by a group known as the 'Action Group'. This group consists of heads of each department who meet once every week for a review of each department. The directors of the organization meet everyday for resource optimization. This style of functioning is instrumental to our growth and leads to a shared vision and objectives across the board.

The entire staff at the organization has been wearing a common uniform since 1989 graduating from a sense of discipline to a sense of belongingness to a sense of pride.

The organization provides several facilities and incentives to all its employees. An on­site dispensary is available for medical assistance and first-­aid. Also a corporate doctor visits the companies twice every week. The companies have an innovative universal production incentive reaching home of every employee. The companies also have several schemes which promote innovative inter-departmental competitive spirit and provides incentives for the same.