Design @ Kansara

We, at Kansara, contantly strive for gaining an edge in bearing roller design. Taper Roller manufacturing requires deep design knowledge on several fronts. A few notable points are as follows:

Computer-aided design & fully equipped tool rooms

The first important front for design is the development of tooling to support our production machines. We have world-class fully equipped tool rooms to support all our production machines. These fully quipped tool rooms are manned by people with over 15 years of tooling design experience. In addition to this, we have staff proficient in computer-aided design software. The use of in-house proprietary software for calculating the different parameters for our toolings adds accurancy, consistency and flexibility to our processes. This end-to-end in-house competence ensures that we are not only nimble to customer requirements but also have the necessary know-how to make improvement to our processes and lead new innovations.

Grinding expertise from Modler, Germany

The second important front for design is grinding. Grinding is the last process of taper roller manufacturing during which some of the most critical geometrical parameters are achieved. On this front we have the unrelenting support and expertise of our joint-venture partners from Modler, Germany. Modler from Germany is a well-known name in the industry and has unparalled experience and expertise in the field of grinding.

In-house competence for every roller-making process

The third important front for design is developing in-house competence. We, at Kansara, have constantly strived for gaining a deeper understanding about bearing rollers and the processes involved in manufacturing them. We do not outsource any of the processes involved in bearing roller-manufacturing and hence have developed in-house competence for every process required for taper roller manufacturing.