Cylindrical Rollers

Cylindrical rollers manufactured by the Kansara Group have the following advantages over the competition

Unmatched production range

Length 6.00 mm to 30.00 mm
Diameter 6.00 mm to 20.00 mm

Unmatched alignment of interests

At Kansara, we believe in excellence in our core area i.e. roller manufacturing. As a result, we have steered clear of both forward (i.e. bearings) and backward (i.e. steel and wire) integration. Hence our customers can rest assured that we shall not be competing with them. In short, we are committed to rollers because rollers are our only commitment.

Unmatched world-wide acceptance

Our rollers have become a first choice for customers in economies varying from the very open and competitive to the closed and nonĀ­-competitive ones. This proves, beyond doubt, the merit of our rollers purely on the grounds of technology, quality and cost- effectiveness.