Strong Process Inspection

Taper Roller manufacturing involves several stages each with its own pit falls for quality. We believe best and consistent quality can only be delivered when the quality ethos are baked into the entire workforce and the entire process. Every employee at Kansara makes a conscious and vigilant effort throughout the process to hold his end of the quality high. With experience, we have been able to develop our own parameters for taper rollers for every stage and also develop in-­house systems and procedures to ensure quality of the highest standards.

Our first line of defense are the people performing a particular stage of production. The staff in every department has been educated about every quality parameter concerning their department. Every process has dedicated instruments and gauges on every machine to ensure quality at every stage. Trained inspectors for every stage have been authorized to halt the process given quality parameters are not being met. Every employee is also required to periodically document the quality parameters on his end. These reports are reviewed everyday by the quality inspectors and the department heads.

Our second line of defense are the quality inspectors. We keep the quality inspectors involved through the production phase. Every inspection that will be performed prior to packing is also continuously performed on samples from every stage by these inspectors.

Our third line of defense is the packing department. The quality inspectors, who check samples during the production stage, do a complete and final check at this stage to ensure that only the highest quality rollers reach the customers end.

The entire process is enabled not only through rigorous commitment to quality of our staff but also by the in­-house world­-class instruments at their disposal. A few of them are as follows:

World’s first automated digital sorting machine for taper roller

We have the world’s first automated digital sorting machine for visual defects for taper rollers. This machine is a true testament to our innovative spirit and our pioneering efforts at solving some of the hardest problems faced by the industry.

Digital machine for contour defects

We employ the world’s best machine for detecting contour defects on taper rollers. This is also unique to our facilities and was the first of its kind application of this technology in the bearing industry.

Waviness and noise tester

Waviness is an advanced concept and an important parameter for the noise reduction in bearings. We have an in-­house first-­hand european waviness tester at our facility.

Talyrond-252 (Taylor Hobson UK)

Regarded the best in its class, this instrument is used to measure Roundness, Harmonics, Cylindricity, Cone Angle and Body Profile of a taper roller

Talysurf Series-2 (Taylor Hobson UK)

Regarded the best in its class, this instrument is used to measure End Face Radius, Surface Finish on Body and Surface Finish on End Face of a taper roller

Profile projector

The profile projector is used to ensure the consistency of the corner geometry on rollers. We have an in­house profile projector to ensure that our taper rollers’ corner geometry meet the customer specified tolerances.

Eddy current sorting machine

Eddy current sorting machines can be used to segregate both geometrical and metallurgical discrepancies in taper rollers. Though our manufacturing process generally eliminates the need for this type of sorting, we still have an in­-house, first­hand european eddy current sorter.

Vickers hardness tester

A vicker’s hardness tester can measure hardness with a 1 kg load and also has one of the widest scales among hardness test. A vicker’s hardness test is also easier to use than other hardness tests as the calculations are independent of the size of the indenter and the indenter can be used with all materials irrespective of hardness. This enables us to quickly and repeatedly inspect the quality of our heat treatment making it very reliable and trustworthy.

Digital hardness tester with printer

Superficial hardness tester