Academic Contribution

The Kansara group takes keen interest in the academic knowledge related to bearings. We have published three technical papers related to bearing steel and bearings which are summarized as below

  • Effect of Oxygen and NonĀ­Metallic Contents on Fatigue Life of Bearings published in July, 1994 Vol.6 No. 7 edition of Engineering Advances
  • A Study on "Retained Austenite and Its effect on Dimensional Stability in 1% Carbon, Chromium Bearing Steel Components" 3rd Ascometal Bearings Steels Symposium
  • A comparative study of casting techniques used for Ball Bearing Steel (SAE 52100/100Cr6)

As part of our contribution to academia, we host industrial training for students from engineering colleges in our community. The first group of french interns at the Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur received their industrial training at our facilities. In addition to this, we host industrial visits from both engineering and management students to our facilities. Every year around 2000 students visit our facilities through such industrial visits. We are happy to foster a healthy industry-academia alliance and are always willing to contribute to academia in meaningful and creative ways.