Quest for knowledge and process improvement are part of the Kansara culture. In this light, we have undertaken trainings ranging from advanced technical aspects related to taper roller microgeometry to several trainings related to making our processes better and safe. A few of the trainings are listed as below

Waviness Training

Waviness is an advanced microgeometry concept and our staff has been trained by the world’s most authoritative experts on this topic.

ISO Trainings

We take our ISO trainings very seriously as they ensure that our processes are all standardized, documented and well understood by our workforce. Such repeated process trainings ensure that we can deliver consistent quality to our customers.

Environment Management Training

We have firmly committed ourselves to value and protect our environment and to leave a better planet for our future generations. Again, we take these trainings very sincerely and try to adopt processes which cause minimum impact on the environment.

Safety Training

As one of our core values, we keep the safety of our staff at the highest priority. We value human life and every individual connected to us. “Safety First” has been our motto throughout the company. The entire workforce has undergone a safety training and is vigilant about the safety procedures.